The adaptation of the novel "Räuberhände" by Finn-Ole Heinrich (bublished by mairisch Verlag, Hamburg), directed by Ilker Çatak.
In Co-Produktion with SWR, ARTE and HR.
With the support of BKM, MFG Baden-Württemberg, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film and DFFF.
German distributor: Salzgeber & Co. Medien
World Sales: Totem Films.

Screenplay awarded with the "Thomas-Strittmatter-Preis 2018".

Janik and Samuel are best friends and enjoy the end of high school. Their worlds are different : Janik has parents who always do everything right, while Samuel comes from a broken home. Samuel wants order, Janik wants chaos. A thoughtless moment puts the close bond between the two friends in jeopardy. As they set off on their long-planned trip to Istanbul, the boys are looking to save their friendship, enjoy their freedom and try out a new life.

Writted by: Gabriele Simon I Finn-Ole Heinrich
Directed by: Ilker Çatak
Produced by: Gabriele Simon I Martin Heisler
Commissioning Editors: Jan Berning I Barbara Häbe I Jörg Himstedt
Director of Photography: Judith Kaufmann
Edited by:
Sascha Gerlach I Jan Ruschke