The shooting for the Sky Original "Paradiso" produced by Flare Entertainment - previously known under the working title or novel „Funeral for a dog“ by Thomas Pletzinger - has started and after shooting in Italy and Germany, we are now on the well-deserved Christmas break . Sky publishes photos from the set in Orta San Giulio for the first time.

The main roles in the 8-part series are played by Friedrich Mücke, Albrecht Schuch, Alina Tomnikov, Ina Geraldine Guy, Anne Ratte-Polle and Daniel Sträßer.

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Since October 13th we’re shooting in Brandenburg the WDR / ARD television film ‚Liebe eines Lebens‚ with Corinna Kirchhoff, Henry Hübchen and Eugen Knecht. The script was written by Paul Salisbury and the film is directed by Till Endemann.

©WDR/ Oliver Feist

DEFENDER OF THE FAITH nominated for CLIO Award 2020!

We are delighted that Christoph Röhl's Pope drama DEFENDER OF THE FAITH is nominated for the CLIO award: Nominated are six titles that were selected as the most successful and interesting history films this year. In particular films will be considered that address a previously neglected or sensitive subject.




ONE OF THESE DAYS - US festival run

ONE OF THESE DAYS is currently on a run on several local US-Festivals! 

US Online-Festival Premiere: Nashville Film Festival (geoblocked for Tennessee)
San Diego Film Festival (geoblocked for Virgina) 
Philadelphia Film Festival (geoblocked for New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania): 
Denver Film Festival (geoblocked for Colorado)
Houston Cinema Arts Festival (geoblocked for Texas)

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KIDS RUN at the Warsaw Film Festival

KIDS RUN will be shown at the 36th Warsaw Film Festival.

Here are the dates:
09. Oct 21:00 at Kinoteka 7 (Polish premiere)
10. Oct 13:30 at Kinoteka 3
11. Oct 18:30 at Kinoteka 3
17. Oct 21:00 at Kinoteka 3

For tickets and all the information go here:

GLITTER & DUST at the Buster Filmfestival

GLITTER & DUST will be shown at the Buster Filmfestival in Denmark!

30/09/20 10pm at CINEMAXX

For more information go to:

ONE OF THESE DAYS at the 26th Athens International Film Festival

ONE OF THESE DAYS will be shown at 26th Athens International Film Festival in the section ‚Festival Darlings‘!

Here are the dates:
Mo 28. Sep at 9pm at Stella
So 04. Oct at 11pm at Trianon

Tickets and more information here:

KIDS RUN at the Film Festival Cologne

KIDS RUN will be shown at this year’s Film Festival Cologne!

Here are the dates:

Mo  5th Oct at 7pm at Filmpalast 3
Tue 6th Oct at 4h30pm at Filmpalast 4

For more infomation and tickets go to:

There will also be a master class with Elke Hahn on the subject of makeup. You’ll find all information about this at:

ONE OF THESE DAYS at the Zurich Film Festival

ONE OF THESE DAYS by Bastian Günther will be shown at 16th Zurich Film Festival!

Here are the dates:

Sat 26.Sep at 6:45 pm   at Arena 3 (Swiss premiere)
Mon 28.Sep at 1:45 pm  at Kosmos 6
Wed 30.Sep at 5:30 pm  at Corso  4
Sat 03.Oct at 4:15 pm    at Corso  2

Tickets and all information are available at:

GLITTER & DUST at the LUCAS Interational Festival for Young Film Lovers

GLITTER & DUST will open the LUCAS International Festival for Young Film Lovers. It starts on September 24th at 8h30 pm at the DFF cinema in Frankfurt am Main.

For more information go here: